About Sypher Locksmiths

About Sypher Locksmiths

Welcome to Sypher Locksmiths

Sypher Locksmiths have been proudly servicing south-Western Australia for several years. Owned and operated by Rebecca Paice & Grant Standen since 2012, Sypher Locksmiths prioritises outstanding customer service coupled with superb product quality at a reasonable price. When establishing Sypher Locksmiths, both Rebecca and Grant recognised that trade industries provided vital services but the craftsmanship and customer service element was lacking in many trades. This realisation drove them to want to build a trade business that had these elements as the foundation. With Rebecca being a qualified Locksmith it was a natural step to build a Locksmith business, so Sypher Locksmiths was established.

Sypher Locksmiths are fully licenced with the Western Australian Police and has been vetted by the Australian Federal Police.

Our Company Mission

In this day age it is a sad fact that we need to be even more vigilant in ensuring that our loved ones and our hard earned belongings are kept safe. Providing Locksmith services makes us feel that we are doing something to help the community do this. Every job we complete gives us a sense of satisfaction because this is one more property that is secure and less at risk to those who want to take what does not belong to them.

What does it mean to be a Master Locksmith?

Engaging the services of MLA (Master Locksmiths Association) member for your locksmithing or security needs; you can be sure that you are dealing with a locksmith who:
is a qualified and experienced security industry professional
is licensed to operate as a locksmith under relevant State and Territory security industry legislation

Abides by an established code of ethics and code of conduct.

Code of Ethics for Master Locksmith’s

Members are required to contribute to the security of the community by acting with integrity and applying the highest moral values in every aspect of their business including:
providing professional advice and service that most effectively meets client requirements;
exercising the utmost confidentiality in respect of client records and sensitive industry information;
maintaining and applying the highest level of knowledge and skills; and
complying with all relevant legislation and Master Locksmith’s Association regulations.

What services do Locksmiths actually provide?

Sypher Locksmiths have been Master Locksmiths for several years. Master Locksmiths:

Hold recognised trade qualifications and/or have passed stringent and independently conducted trade competency tests

Master Locksmiths have the skills and experience to recommend effective security solutions to meet your specific needs

Design & supply high security locking systems which are designed and manufactured in Australia to meet Australian Standards and market conditions

Essentially, Master Locksmiths are your key to security.

You wouldn’t choose an unlicensed builder, plumber or electrician so don’t put the security of your family, home or business at risk. By choosing Sypher Locksmiths, a Master Locksmith, you can be sure that you are dealing with a qualified, licensed security professional.

About our Team


Rebecca Paice
Senior Locksmith & Managing Director

Rebecca completed her apprenticeship on the Sunshine Coast, Queensland and her experience covers designing restricted systems for multi-story tourist resorts, gaining access for Police in an emergency and rekeying an entire high school after a master key was lost. Rebecca currently holds both individual and agent security licences with WA Police and is a business member of the Master Locksmiths Association of Australasia. Rebecca started Sypher Locksmiths as a family business with the goals of providing good customer service and workmanship after moving to WA. “My favourite part of being a locksmith is that no job is ever the same and I am constantly learning new aspects of the trade. I also like when I arrive at a job and my customer is shocked to see a 5 foot female instead of 6 foot male. It can help deflate a stressful time for the customer and gives them a chance to have a good laugh”

grant image

Grant Standen
Services Specialist

Grant is the Services Specialist at Sypher Locksmiths. His vision is to make Sypher Locksmiths the one-stop-shop for all your security needs. Grant started the Security Door Department in May 2014 and plans on implementing new locksmith/security services soon. Grant’s main passion is cars (he once followed the London to Dakka Car Rally across Europe and North Africa) and is working on introducing our new Automotive Department soon. “Setting up Sypher Locksmiths enables us to bring back the customer service and quality of craftsmanship we felt was being missed.”


George Standen
All Rounder

George is the All Rounder at Sypher Locksmiths, being handy with both tools and a building plan. George often attends jobs with our locksmiths as an extra set of hands, helps make custom parts for locks or explains what is needed when designing a new Restricted System off a building plan. George spent most of his working career as an Architect and completed his training at British Airways. While “officially” semi-retired George is a multi-skilled, hands-on member of this family business. “Setting up Sypher Locksmiths enables us to bring back the customer service and quality of craftsmanship we felt was being missed.”


Pauline Standen
Business Analyst & Managing Director

40 years of working in UK Financial Services has given me a broad understanding of what makes a business successful. For the last 20 years I have been fortunate to be involved with several UK Blue Chip Company projects with the objective of reorganisation and streamlining. The challenge is what I liked most as well as working with those who see the vision but just need a helping hand to make it happen. I enjoy travelling and spending time with my grand children, which in the case of one of them also meets my travelling needs, as he lives in Australia and I live in the UK. “Helping Sypher to grow and seeing the customer get the benefit makes me smile”