Calling all Kwinana Residents

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Calling all Kwinana Residents

When we decided to open a shop, we were looking for an area that was developing and obviously did not already have a Locksmiths.  Kwinana ticked all the boxes. So here we are.  We’re doing OK but we are disappointed that you, the residents of Kwinana, don’t seem to look to your local businesses when you need something.  Our statistics show that you tend to go to Rockingham! Especially in our line of business you immediately search for Rockingham Locksmiths.

Why is this?  Let’s get a conversation going about why you feel you need to go elsewhere.  Kwinana could be great, but only if you support it. What stops you?

Kids Don’t Fly

Protect Your Kids from Falling Out Of Windows

By the 13th March 2018, all openable windows must comply with the National Construction Code and BCA regulations.

Contact us to find out what action if any you need to take to comply and keep your kids safe