Locksmiths Rockingham

Locksmiths Rockingham


Hiring a Locksmith in Rockingham

When you book a Locksmith in Rockingham, you are using skills that have been around since early Egyptian times. The locks were made of wood back then and the first metal lock appeared between 870 and 900. Seems amazing doesn’t it?
The Locksmith in those days made the lock (smithing means metal worker) and they could be very ornamental for those who could afford it. Even the keys could be very grand, very different from today’s mass produced lock and key.

Present day Rockingham Locksmiths, no longer make the locks and key but they do know how all of the component parts work and can very easily change the key combination so that a new key will work and the original won’t, this is called re-keying. I think that you will agree that the modern day method beats having to smelt metal to create a new lock.

Even back in ancient times, the driving force behind the design of locks was security, if you have ever been to Italy, you will have seen the massive ornamental locks that are on the churches, they needed to be strong so that the treasures within were safe. It’s the same for today’s door and window locks; they are designed to keep you and your possessions safe but are much, much smaller, thankfully.

From the humble Egyptian wooden pin lock to the common modern day metal pin tumbler lock, Locksmithing has always been an art that has inspired inventors to try and create the ultimate secure lock that no one can open without the key. So when you call out your Emergency Rockingham Locksmith to gain entry to your premises think of this and admire the skill.

So what is next? Your Locksmith in Rockingham has their work cut out for them, locks are slowly moving away from the traditional locks and key and are going electrical or computer chipped. Electronic access is now in most hotels and in some modern homes. Retina access and access by mobile phone is on the cards and this all means that your Locksmith in Rockingham will need to obtain new skills to help when things go wrong or a replacement is required. Less of a Smithy more of a computer wizard!