Terms & Conditions

Terms & Conditions

Payment for Services Provided

All payments must be made in full after the required service has been completed, unless an account has previously been agreed. In the event that payment is not received in this time frame, a late payment fee of $11 will be added every 7 days until payment is received.   Any outstanding payment older than 30 days will be referred to a Debt Collector and fees for this service will be added to the outstanding invoice.

Account Payments for Services Provided

All services provided under a pre-agreed account, must be paid for within 30 days off the required services completed. Any outstanding payment due after this period will have a late payment fee of $11 every 7 days, added to the outstanding amount.
Any outstanding payment older than 90 days will be referred to a Debt Collector and fees for this service will be added to the outstanding invoice.

Cancellation of Booked Services

Once an agreed time has been confirmed for required services, this will be deemed as a verbal contract between Sypher Locksmith and the Customer. Cancellation of this agreement can be made without forfeit as long as the Locksmith has not left Sypher premises.  All cancellations made once the Locksmith has left Sypher premises will result in the Customer being charged the agreed call out fee.

Parts Guarantee

All new parts (locks, door furniture, security screens etc) will have the full cover of the manufacturer’s warranty.

Workmanship Guarantee

All work undertaken by Sypher Locksmiths, will be fully guaranteed for 3 months.


In the event that a complaint has to be made regarding workmanship or behaviour of an Sypher employee, the complaint must be made in writing to:
Pauline Standen, Director,
33 Stock Road,
Parklands, WA 6180

or emailing to Pauline@sypherlocksmiths,com.au

A full description of events must be set out, including the date of incident and if possible, the name of the employee.

Your complaint will be acknowledged within 24 hours and you will be contacted within 48 hours. Your right to take the complaint to the Consumer Ombudsmen is not affected by this procedure.[/fusion_text][/fullwidth]